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Let's Make Jesus Famous, Together!

I am so happy you are here!  This is Little & Brave, a company that believes in a strong generation of LITTLE kids with BIG purpose. Children that are learning everyday how to be BRAVE and love JESUS. We are also on a mission to help Litte & Brave childen in El Salvador recieve the supplies they need for a proserous life. So thank you so much for your support!

About Us

Welcome to Little and Brave, where fashion meets faith, and we're on a mission to make Jesus famous through every thread. As a family-owned business, we believe in the power of clothing to not only express personal style but also to spread messages of faith, love, and values.

Our Mission

At Little and Brave, we are more than just a clothing brand; we're a movement to make Jesus famous. Our mission is to inspire and uplift individuals and families through stylish, faith-driven apparel that reflects the essence of our beliefs.

Clothing with Purpose

Each piece from Little and Brave is carefully curated to blend contemporary fashion with a deeper purpose. Our designs aim to spark conversations, share the message of love, and ultimately make Jesus known through what you wear.

Faith-Infused Fashion

From trendy t-shirts to cozy hoodies, our clothing line seamlessly integrates faith into fashion. Embrace your Kids style while proudly displaying your commitment to Jesus, creating a wardrobe that speaks volumes about your values. 

Quality Craftsmanship, Inspired Design

Crafted with precision and inspired design, our clothing is a testament to our commitment to quality. We prioritize comfort, durability, and style, ensuring that every piece you wear from Little and Brave reflects the excellence we stand for.

Family-Owned, Faith-Driven

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of creating a brand that resonates with families. Join us in this journey of faith and fashion, where we celebrate the joy of family, the strength of faith, and the desire to make Jesus famous in every corner of the world.

Spreading the Message

Beyond clothing, we actively engage in initiatives to spread the message of love and faith. Through Families that believe in strong Values, Little and Brave is committed to making a positive impact on lives and communities.

Join us in wearing your faith boldly and making Jesus famous with every step. At Little and Brave, we're not just crafting clothing; we're creating a movement of faith-inspired fashion that leaves a lasting impression.


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